Spoiler Rich

Feeling a bit stifled by the structure of CINE FEEL YEAH, I created a free-form film and TV blog called Spoiler Rich in September 2014 and kept at it until February 2015. Then, missing the design and depth of the original content on CINE FEEL YEAH, I decided to transport Spoiler Rich onto the older site.

Here is an explanation of what you can expect from Spoiler Rich essays:

Are you sick of reading articles that give away key plot points from the TV show you’re currently marathoning on Netflix or the movie you missed in theaters and are waiting to rent from Redbox? I’m not. But I understand many people are.

As a film scholar and historian, I am uniquely immunized against spoilers. Sure, I come into contact with them on a regular basis, but I don’t let them destroy my own viewing pleasure. As part of my specialized training, I generally read about a film before I’ve even seen it. I know what’s going to happen before the characters in the story do. But I’m usually more interested in how the film was put together, how the performances, editing, and cinematography, for instance, serve the story.

And while that process of looking has its own special delights, I am, above all, a cinephile. (Just check out my old blog.) Film fanatics shouldn’t be required to contain their enthusiasm when discussing a film. That is why I have founded Spoiler Rich. It isn’t for anyone allergic to spoilers. It’s for people who are ready to have a frank, deep, and detail-laden discussion about what they’ve seen.

Here you can peruse all eight of Spoiler Rich’s entries:

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