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There’s a funny story about why I started yet another series of articles on CINE FEEL YEAH. On August 10, 2012, I finally joined Twitter. After years and years of holding a grudge against the “microblogging” service for simply being so damn popular with seemingly everyone in our society and only ever finding it useful for tracking down food trucks in Los Angeles and New York (didn’t I tell you? I’ve lived in both cities), I stunned my sister with my announcement.

I like Twitter a lot: it keeps me informed of news stories breaking all over the world and of Albert Brooks’s new one-liners. (I hardly “follow” individuals that I know personally because I’m not sure if they tweet, but my enlistment encouraged my sister to join, too.) I like to practice distilling (somewhat) complex ideas and being witty in no more than 140 characters. But sometimes it’s really, really hard. I don’t like to “retweet” a story that someone or some site has recently posted, and extensive URLs make it impossible to editorialize about the thing you’ve just learned and wish to tell others about.

That’s why I’ve started collecting “News Clips.” This category of writing consists mainly of short blurbs, but they are not just regurgitations of entertainment news bulletins. They briefly address issues inherent in a story’s newsworthiness—especially as I interpret them. That reminds me: “News Clips” aren’t only about the movies. Although the cinema is my greatest passion, I also make a lot of room for television in my day-to-day existence. In fact, there’s probably too much space allotted for TV (how did I ever live without one?). I also like to read fiction, and sometimes I listen to music, so who knows? I probably won’t be able to restrain myself from commenting on a TV program, novel, or record, as it appears in the news. One thing’s for sure: I’m going to sound out my opinions here. Because CINE FEEL YEAH (and its properly spelled counterpart) is great, but not everything.

NOTE: Hover over “News Clips” in the navigation menu to see the most recently published news analyses. You can always look here for the full listing of such articles.

ABC Family orders a show about gay moms, and I’m excited!

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Surprise! Before Midnight finishes shooting even before we knew it was in production

Each Gyllenhaal is in a badly titled September release: which one belongs to whom?

Thanks, AMPAS, for alienating me with your Oscar host pick

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