Book & TV Snapshots

As part of the revitalization of CINE FEEL YEAH and its incorporation of the short-lived film and TV blog Spoiler Rich, I have inaugurated a new content section of the site: Book & TV Snapshots. As you probably already discovered, I like to read and watch TV (so sue me). Sometimes I like to write about what I have read or what I have seen on TV. So CINE FEEL YEAH isn’t strictly about the cinema.

NOTE: Hover over “Book & TV Snapshots” in the navigation menu to see the most recently published essay titles. You can always look here for the full listing of such articles.

Missing Reels is a Thrilling Film Preservation Mystery

The Paradise Lost; Or How I Failed to Register the News

Outlander Makes a Case for Scottish Independence

Who is Laura Lamont? : a review of the novel Laura Lamont’s Life in Pictures

Behind the Gingham Altar: The Great British Baking Show Whets the Appetite for More Episodes

To Each Her Own Cinephilia; Or How I Failed to Connect to Silver Screen Fiend

Reading Role Models by My Role Model, John Waters

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