Jump Cuts

There’s more to CINE FEEL YEAH than just close analysis of one film or a small group of films. The Movies are fun, allowing us to link all Best Picture nominees by their stars or to list pairs of actors who look alike, sometimes too much alike. The possibilities are endless. And I have always loved accruing all sorts of movie trivia.

Building on the film editing theme of the blog, I give you yet another category of criticism: “Jump Cuts.” This kind of edit is so technically named because it generates the illusion of a jump, a sort of jostling of the frame in terms of time, space, or image itself. The jump cut occurs when two or more shots of the same subject, filmed from camera distances and angles that are not that different from each other, are spliced together. Think of Jean-Luc Godard’s À bout de souffle (1960) aka Breathless, in which the former Cahiers du cinéma critic-turned-filmmaker aimed to draw film spectators’ attention to the manipulation of filmmaking practices, particularly to how continuity editing seeks to hide the fact that the film, after all, is edited and does not unravel in real time.

I have chosen the name “Jump Cuts” to describe the mishmash or discontinuity of articles under this heading because this kind of edit is an effrontery to the long-established system of continuity editing. Also, like a lot of things in pop culture, jump cuts are difficult to ignore. They ask us to look closer at the images we consume—and their meanings.

CINE FEEL YEAH is about sharing a love for the cinema. As such, comments are always welcome on every post. How do you see the culture of movies? Sound it out yourself.

NOTE: Hover over “Jump Cuts” in the navigation menu to see the most recently published trivia-based titles. You can always look here for the full listing of such articles.

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